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About The Hostel Kubik

Located just minutes from Krakow’s Central Business District, Hostel Kubik strives to offer the best accommodation possible to visitors coming to this important Polish city. Whether you are a student, a business executive on a trip or a pack of party people that just want to have some fun, you will thank yourself for choosing to stay here.The rooms are spick and span.

Cleaned every morning by the hostel staff, they ensure a clean and hygienic environment for guests from all cline and color. The bed sheets are changed every day and so are the pillow cases. The neatly tied floors are clean and you can even walk barefoot. Each room has a table, chair, electric kettle, and clean sandals.

Talking of rooms, they come in different varieties to suit the needs of the facility’s varied clients. There are single rooms, double rooms and multi-rooms where more than 5 people can stay. It has private and shared bathrooms. For the shared ones, you have to walk to a common area to do things like washing, bathing or brushing our teeth.The facility has young, dynamic and energetic staffs who are motivated to take care of their guests. To add on that, they speak a variety of languages so guests can be at home. They can speak French, German, Spanish, Italian or English fairly comfortably so there won’t be issues of communication barrier.

Although the facility is located within the vicinity of the city,the management strives to ensure that the neighboring noise doesn’t interfere with guests. To do this, they have used double windows on the premises to keep noise out. But there is always some level of noise that you will be forced to hear if you get booked into a room close to the door or the entrance hallway. Under these circumstances, it would be in your best interests to arm yourself with a pair of earplugs to help with the noise.

The facility serves free tea and coffee in their common area and there is also free Wi-Fi in all the rooms and public spots. You can be sure to remain connected with family and friends back at home.There are many reasons why you may want to choose Hostel Kubik over others in Krakow. For one, it has a very convenient location. This makes it easy to access the top amenities like best bars, pubs, restaurants and night clubs. The second compelling reason is the facility staff. They are really cool, helpful and multilingual. This makes communication with guests from different backgrounds very easy.


Disclaimer: This is not the official website of the accomodation.